Giving Back

The Pillar of Caring

The Liza Maribel Foundation

AllySix was designed to represent The Six Pillars of Business Ethics in every aspect of the alliance, and The Pillar of Caring is one that truly represents our founder. Liza deeply believes that Caring for people is a simple act of kindness that one should live by every day.

She attributes two simple acts that have supported her along her journey; showing concern for others and being compassionate. 

Her service to marginalized communities across the Oakland/San Francisco, Bay Area has been remarkable through her commitment to making others better. That’s why she founded  The Liza Maribel Foundation

The Liza Maribel Foundation is a 501 c3 non-profit focused on the forgotten.  They provide financial support to help provide single-parent families with grocery necessities, scholarships for educational opportunities for the youth through different initiatives, and grants to help alleviate medical bills. Their mission is to create positive change in the lives of children, single parents, those in transition homes,  and all who need a boost to envision a happier way of living.

She encourages people, communities, and organizations to be charitable, to lift people up instead of putting them down, and to give time, money, and comfort to make someone’s life better. Do this without thinking of what you will get in return. Help people in need.

Learn more about The Liza Maribel Foundation and take part in supporting their causes to make a bigger positive impact.