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Who We Are

AllySix is your business alliance for disrupting the business narratives, innovating what is not working, and transforming your organization to establish great working cultures. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to form an alliance with organizations that are seeking to go further than DEI to build an equitable, sustainable, and impactful workplace that is result-driven and enables their individuals to thrive and reach their full potential while driving business success.  

What We Do

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is the core  essence of who we are and how we serve our allies through disruptive leadership that inspires energy, growth and cultural shifts. We help organizations identify challenges, rethink their purpose and navigate through the changes, while providing them with strategies and initiatives that center on human dignity and equity and promotes a culture of belonging.

Our Approach

Our strategic training workshops, coaching and consulting would guide your organization in developing/refining, implementing, and effectively managing comprehensive DEI Strategies, Policies, Employees Resource Groups and much more. Our customized DEI trainings will help your organization adopt a  more fair process and behavior that would lead to positive and impactful results. 

Our Alliance Services

Our allies leaders bring reverence, knowledge, and energy to this work, and seek to form an alliance to organizations, institutions, and startup companies who want to collaborate with us toward meaningful and lasting change for the success of their organizations.

All of our offerings are customizable to your organization, industry, and particular needs, nothing is completely immediately. We pride ourselves on taking a more “personal involvement” approach, making sure that our allies feel heard and supported at every point during our engagement.

We offer a variety of services to support you in your journey to transform your organization, whether it’s through our strategic planning, training and consulting or through our startup advisory.

We are here to be your ally!

The Six Pillars of Business Ethics

 AllySix was founded with the understanding that organizations can benefit greatly when having an ally that would help them go through changes and innovate what has not been working while bringing a sense of order and stability to a business. 

Its name is a powerful combination of two words: Ally and SixAlly represents the alliance we get to form with individuals, leaders, and organizations. While Six represents the harmony and balance of  “The 6 Pillars of Business Ethics”. 

The pillars were created to establish a positive business environment while creating a culture of kindness and respect.
The Six Pillars are:

Trustworthiness – Respect – Responsibility – Fairness – Caring –Citizenship 

These six pillars are carried through each one of our services as a reminder that all six must be adhered to so all pillars are in concert with each other. 

Got an Idea?

Great ideas come into reality after taking action, experimenting, failing, adapting and learning in a daily basis. 

Have you ever had any ideas or projects that you been wanting to implement at your organization but don’t know how to get it start it? Have you been wondering if your employees or colleagues share the same identity, culture, or interests but your organization doesn’t have an Employees Resource Group yet for you to connect with others seeking the same?

Share your ideas with us and we will help you strategize a plan that would help you unleash the potential of your intent.